Wednesday, July 9, 2008


"He is my Loving God and my Fortress, my Stronghold and my Deliverer, my Shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me...." (Psalm 144:2)

"He who Loves God is never weary of serving Him. He is sure to dwell with God in heaven if he has God dwelling in his heart. So that to Love God is the truest self-Love. He who does not Love God does not Love himself.

Love to God evidences sincerity. To Love God is a better sign of sincerity than to fear Him. Repentance is no better than flattery when it arises only from fear of God's judgments and has no Love mixed with it.

Do you Love God? Then you may be sure of God's Love to you. As it is with burning glasses, if the magnifying glass can set a fire, it is because the sun has first shined upon it. So if our hearts burn in Love to God, it is because God's Love first shined upon us." (Thomas Watson)

I Live in the Light.
I appreciate and value the Divine qualities of Strength, Imagination, and Judgment, which God has instilled in me.
I accept my unlimited potential and the provision needed to fulfill my destiny to be the best that I can be.
Deeply grateful for All that has been given and All that is to come, I embrace the Good God provides with joy and thanksgiving.
Thank You, Loving God. Thank You, Christ Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit. Amen.

In Christ,

Thursday, July 3, 2008

God's Faithfulness by Dr. Jim Savage

Romans 6:12-23

Life gains meaning and purpose when we are willing to spend it for something greater....

We have been released from slavery for a greater service. Freed from slavery to sin, we Now face Paul's "so now." What is the "so now" that encompasses our lives, that requires redirection and reorientation?

Christ did not come to make our lives easy, but to make our lives Great, not to fill us with ease and comfort but with the Energy of a Great Cause.

Are we ready to give ourselves, fully and completely, to the Cause of Christ? (Disciplines)

"It is the purpose of God that the heart of Christ shall be revealed to His people. It is the will of God that "the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God" should be revealed to us "in the face of Jesus Christ."

Where there is the shining of the face, we know there is more than forgiveness. There is favor and disposition to please. What a wonderful view of the Light of His countenance the favored disciples must have had who were witnesses to His Transfiguration.

We are told that His face did shine as the sun. And so when the Lord makes the Light of His countenance to shine upon any of His people, in the measure in which with unveiled face they discern the beauty of the Lord, there is a moral and progressive change into His likeness." (Hudson Taylor)

"Let Your face shine on Your servant; save me in Your unfailing Love." (Psalm 31:16)

Prayer by prayer, we affirm peace and understanding for the world.
Even in a world of many different religions, cultures, and belief systems, there is One family of God.

Right where we are, we can work toward the Greatest Good of All.

We remember that world peace begins with each one of us. We are committed to being peacemakers at all times and in all situations.

Dear Lord, rescue us from aimlessness and meaninglessness. You call for our commitment. May we serve You this day not only with our lips but with our hearts, not only with our words but with our lives. Thank You, Loving God. Thank You, Christ Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit. Amen.

In Christ,