Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Let us begin with a very clear statement: America is the greatest nation in the history of our world. We have freedoms to write this article and have it published. We have the freedom of speech and religion, and many other important freedoms in this world of terrorists today.

My biggest concern today is the silence on the part of Christian people. I do not believe in forcing Christianity upon people through the government. That was tried in England. But I am in favor of Christians getting up off of their lazy behinds and voicing our opinions (even when those Christian opinions may differ). I truly believe we have great Christians in both of our major political parities as different as they may be, and truly hope that Christians from all sides and all denominations will get involved in our problems as a nation.

Again, I do not believe we should have laws that force people to be Christians. Besides; according to The Bible that would be impossible anyway. Christians are “born” not forced into existence. It takes the true Holy Spirit of God for a person to become a Christian. This also means that most likely not every person who claims to be a Christian today is truly a Christian.

This leads me to another point.

Even Christians (as imperfect as we are) need to fall on our knees and seek God and God’s will for our nation. Before we point fingers for others to repent, we must repent ourselves for sins such as hypocrisy, anger, malice, gossip, greed, materialism, lack of support for our local churches, lack of service to our community, lack of service to the least, last, lost, hungry, homeless, and others. The reason I write about this is the wonderful warning and promise from II Chronicles 7: 14: “If my (God’s) people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” It sounds to me like God is waiting on the supposed “God-fearing” people of our nation to straighten up and fly right before God will enter into the needs of our nation.

This call to repentance must also be heard by our politicians in both of our political parties if our nation is to move forward. I realize this would take a miracle, but I’m willing to pray for this, and feel it is God’s will for us to seek this. We need to expect more honesty and less corruption on both sides. We should expect more service for the people and less greed by those who govern over us. We should expect fairness from those who govern and less selfishness for prophets from corporations in which government workers are part owners.

Again, America is the greatest nation in this history of the world. We live in one of the best times to live in the history of the world, but that is no reason to become lazy in this journey of life. May God give us the strength and Spirit to help keep our nation great and strong for years to come.

PRAYER FOR AMERICA: Gracious God, we give you thanks for America and the role we play in the world today. We give you thanks for the incredible blessings and prosperity that we enjoy. We give you thanks for the many freedoms, and for those who fought and died for these freedoms. Be with all of our troops today and keep them safe in this time of war. We pray that all leaders will be able to come together and find the wisdom of peace. Until then, keep our nation safe from harm, and be with the troops who serve us. Bless their families as well and grant them your favor for the days to come. Be with our leaders that they may seek you and find you: that they may seek divine wisdom, and Godly direction for all that they do. Be with our churches and church leaders that we might also hear your voice and follow only your will. Please bless America in spite of our sins, short-comings, corruption in government and corruption in corporations. Guide our nation that we might be “one nation under God,” and give us wisdom in all the decisions that we make on all levels of government and in our homes. In the name of Christ we pray. Amen.

Written by Dr. Jim Savage.

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