Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1 Peter 5:8-9; 1 Cor 10:13

No Temptation Too Great

Paul records one of Scriptures' most beautiful and assuring truths: Yes, temptation will come, but God will be there, too. Every Christian is faced with temptation of some sort. The temptation is itself not sin (even Jesus was tempted----Mt 4:1). Yielding to temptation is the sin. Some Christians may feel they are bombarded with temptation, and they grow weary under its weight. Through Paul, God responds to those weary Christians with His kindest and most reassuring words regarding the temptations they face: He is right there with them, and if they will only look about them, they will See a Way He has provided that will help them to resist. (Women of Faith Study Bible)

"God is the One who teaches to listen and to pray. We must pray for the Gift and pray for the Gift to be taught. They say that mature writers have 'found their voice.' I think we need to 'find our ear'----our best way of recognizing God's voice, knowing that, once we have found our ear, God may decide to speak in a different language." (John Ackerman, "Spiritual Awakening")

In what ways has the Holy Spirit helped to bring about "breakthroughs" in your spiritual formation?

Pray now that God would guide and enable you in a close walk of discipleship with Jesus, that He would grow you in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"Talk with God by frequent prayer. In particular, ask that your desires may be right---and love to have your affections with Him regular and holy. Call to Him for health, run to Him for counsel, and beg of Him for pardon. It is as natural to love Him to whom we make such addresses and on whom we have such dependencies as it is for children to love their parents. For it is not my governor, my employer, or my friend who supports me or provides my needs, but God." (Jeremy Taylor)

"But it was your own eyes that Saw all these great things the Lord has done." (Deut 11:7)


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